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When I Keep Getting Peanut Butter

Today I’m finding I need to take some of my own advice.

I have something I’ve been trying to get sorted and back on track for myself since December of 2015. And it’s something I really need to get “fixed”, if you will (what it is doesn’t matter, only that it’s important and necessary.)

Coupled with that is another opportunity I want to expand upon. Unfortunately, in many ways, the growth of that opportunity depends greatly on finding a solution to the “issue” issue that began in December of 2015. (I use quotes because I want to remain mindful that, even with as frustrated as I am, I remain solution-focused.)

So what am I going to do? How am I going to solve “Problem” A so I can expand Opportunity B?

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Friday Recipe Files: Vegetable Lasagna

RecipeAn alternative recipe for the traditional lasagne. But you can add beef or sausage if you like, as well as substitute quinoa or rice pasta. Read more →

Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 More Things to Let Go

let goMany of the filters, beliefs and expectations we hold we refuse to let go of out of habit. But when we pause to see how we may be setting ourselves up for (automatic) disappointment, we find that we can achieve what we want far more easily. Read more →

When Motivation is About as Present as Oxygen on the Moon

There will be days—sometimes for no reason in particular, when you have absolutely no motivation to even work on your goal in the slightest.  I’m meaning the kind when you’re so unmotivated it’s like saying you don’t have it at this point would be somewhat like saying it’s a little cool for short pants out on the Yukon Tundra in the middle of January.

First, allow, fully so, that you’re in a place where you just don’t care.

I’ve mentioned this before.  In those exact words, even.

What I’m meaning is give yourself permission you couldn’t care less, and give into the lack of motivation.  But also do this while still mindfully holding the intent and understanding you’ll return to working on reaching your goals.

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Friday Recipe Files: French Rice Salad

Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe 

RecipeThis recipe is a light and flavorful as a main or side dish. It’s a perfect side for any grilled meat or fish. Read more →