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Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Tips for Accepting What is When You Feel Like You Can’t

acceptanceOften, much of the misery we feel in life (the suffering) comes from resisting what is. This then falls into two categories, what we can change and what we can’t change.

Spinning around these two categories are judgments of what is (or what isn’t), generally couched in phrases like, “X SHOULD be…!” Or, “X SHOULDN’T be…!” And, yet, here we are, confronted with something indicating its the opposite, refusing to accept it. Stubbornly. And suffering for it.

So how to change things so we aren’t in mental pain? Read more →


Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Ways to Eradicate To-Do List Overwhelm

When it comes to goals, most of the time, it’s obvious what needs your attention first, or at least what you want to attend to first if there isn’t a particular order. But sometimes, when your to do list feels overwhelming—either because there are so many items on it, or because your mental wherewithal has gone the way of the dodo—it’s hard to find a place to start.

Today’s tips are ones I’ve found quite helpful when I’m there myself for breaking the list down into smaller, far more digestible chunks. Read more →


Failure is an Option

Recently, on his Facebook feed, Buzz Aldrin posted a photo of himself as a very young man dressed in a military academy uniform. Many people, including myself, look to him as a terrific example of forging forward towards reaching for, and achieving a dream. Most of the time, you read about metaphorically reaching for the Moon to achieve a dream. Not only did he reach for it, he became the second man to make that adage literally come true.

Failure, you might think, is therefore something that he doesn’t encounter. That success is the only perspective he holds.

Not true.

He would be the first person to tell you that failure is a necessary step in order to achieve success.

How could this possibly be? Read more →


Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Awesome Ways to Practice Self-Care

self-careSelf-care and pampering yourself is something many of us forget to practice. But it’s also one of the key steps towards recovery—mentally, emotionally and physically.

I had a friend in the Air Force, who, like me, lived in the barracks.  I remember driving in his car with him and somehow (I’ve no clue how) bathrooms came up, and my friend, who was at the wheel, said, “You know—I find it frustrating that you guys get tubs and we just have showers.” (I can’t recall if he lived in the same building as I did, and there were some rooms with stalls, or if he were in a different building that simply had showers only.)

“Why?” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “I work long hard, days, too.  Sometimes a shower just isn’t relaxing enough.  I mean—sometimes guys like to have Calgon take them away, too.”

I nearly died laughing. Read more →


Wednesday Tip Jar: My Favorite 6 Ways to Boost Productivity

Distraction happens. But there are ways you can ensure you’re less so. Here are 6 ways I’ve learned really help me when I’m feeling like I can get focused and complete projects. Read more →