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Resisting Your Resistance: The Quick and Dirty Way to Create More Resistance

resistance-1Resistance to change can be very hard to admit. We are certain we want the changes. We do with all our heart. But then nothing happens. At all. Granted, we could just be in a period of riding the momentum of change for awhile, or the changes are coming but just haven’t appeared on the surface yet.

But what if you’ve been working hard for a long time and you’re still stuck?

The problem is that resistance can show up in one of two main ways: as some kind of discomfort (“negative” feelings, frustration), or as “lack” of effect. The former is, in some ways, easier to manage because there is “something to address,” so to speak. Quite often, that you’re in resistance.

But to what?

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Wednesday Tip Jar: My Favorite 6 Ways to Boost Productivity

Distraction happens. But there are ways you can ensure you’re less so. Here are 6 ways I’ve learned really help me when I’m feeling like I can get focused and complete projects. Read more →


Now, What’s Next? Or: Looking Forward to Your Future Awareness

AwarenessAwareness of your focus is key for making changes. In personal growth circles, it’s frequently mentioned that if you’re focused on (even obsessed with) your past, you can’t generate forward momentum. The necessary step, therefore, is to focus on the present moment, on now so you can decide your future.

I absolutely agree in the importance of that.

But did you know that you can also become too present-focused and just as stuck as focusing on the past?

Why would this be?

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When It’s Not all in Your Head: How Intuition Trumps Positive Thinking

Intuition is something that everyone has. It’s a bit different than a gut feeling, but they’re quite similar. They’re both real, and there’s nothing “New Agey” about them.

I’ve written before about how listening to your intuition is always the best way to go, because it’s never wrong. We get off track when we shrug off that still, small voice and think we know better and go in an opposite direction. This happens when we decide our intuition is out of alignment with what we need. In reality, it’s out of alignment with what we want. And what we want is often not what we need.

The funny thing about intuition, though, is that it’s telling us what we need in order to reach what we want. But we’re viewing it as a hindrance in some way, very often because the step our intuition, or our gut feeling, means taking more time to get what we want. We’re impatient creatures. Read more →


When I Keep Getting Peanut Butter

Today I’m finding I need to take some of my own advice.

I have something I’ve been trying to get sorted and back on track for myself since December of 2015. And it’s something I really need to get “fixed”, if you will (what it is doesn’t matter, only that it’s important and necessary.)

Coupled with that is another opportunity I want to expand upon. Unfortunately, in many ways, the growth of that opportunity depends greatly on finding a solution to the “issue” issue that began in December of 2015. (I use quotes because I want to remain mindful that, even with as frustrated as I am, I remain solution-focused.)

So what am I going to do? How am I going to solve “Problem” A so I can expand Opportunity B?

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