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Friday Recipe Files: Linubihang Pasayan (Shrimp Cooked in Coconut Milk)

RecipeThis delightful and tasty recipe can fill an empty stomach. Good to eat this rainy season. Try adding some red pepper flakes for extra warmth! Try serving over jasmine rice. Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Crock Pot Chicken Stew

RecipeA recipe perfect Sunday evening supper, this basic stew is pure comfort fare! Easy preparation, large chunks of chicken, light and tasty gravy. You can substitute turkey. Read more →


Chicken Legs and Thighs Marinated in Coconut Milk

I had this last night, and it was so good, I actually had half of another leg.

I used free range chicken purchased at New Seasons Market, and used the kale marinade from this recipe.  (That meal was also very delicioso.  There’s tons of great recipes on that site.)

I had marinade left over that I didn’t use on the kale, and then, when I put the kale on to roast, I had all of that marinade as well, so I saved it, not sure what to do with it.  The following morning I thought of the chicken I’d bought.

The chicken inadvertently got marinated for 48 hours.  I meant to make it two nights ago, but I was too tired when I got home, so I had leftovers and made the chicken last night.  Super tasty.

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