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Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Tips for Dealing With Unsupportive People

Everyone I’ve ever spoken to who has begun a journey of working on a new goal has run into at least one negative person. Someone who denounces their efforts and spits out continual remarks of how stupid the efforts are.

It’s hard to deal with these people, I know. So today I’m going to give you 6 tips I’ve used in my own life when I run into these folks. Read more →


Give Yourself a Reality Check: Is your Goal a SMART one?

So often, when we start in on a goal we throw ourselves whole-heartedly into it. Determination is great.

But sometimes we do it with so much energy a Cat 5 hurricane looks like a dreamy, creamy afternoon summer breeze.  And then what happens is we find ourselves curling up in a puddle of frustrated goo because we’re (already) burned out. We realize we’ve missed the target, or have fallen short.

This is your reality check “bouncing”, if you will.  Or, as the instructor in Top Gun so famously put it, “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.” Read more →


Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Quotes on Determination

determinationToday I present 6 quotes about determination and what I think they mean, and how they can be applied. Read more →


Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Quotes on Failure

FailureFailure is a gift. It’s a chance to start over. It’s your personal reset button so that you can have a freely-given do-over in life. Fearing failure, in my mind, is actually fearing success.







Read more →


Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Tips for Success

success-1Success doesn’t necessarily mean money or fame. It means you reaching whatever goals you have in life. Here are six tips to generate more momentum.

6. Take Clear and Confident Steps. No Room for Flimsiness.

Some second-guessing is okay. But when you second-guess yourself into lack of action, that’s you creating self-stuckness, if you will. Forget the idea that you’ll make a wrong decision or wrong choice. Because you will at some point. That’s the nature of moving towards goals and life in general. How can you ever make any “good” or “right” choices if you never make any?

The only way you can get to success is by having failures along the way. I once read a quote, I don’t recall who said it, that went something like, “The difference between successful people and the people who don’t have it is that the successful people fail on their way towards it.” As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Read more →