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Friday Recipe Files: Linubihang Pasayan (Shrimp Cooked in Coconut Milk)

RecipeThis delightful and tasty recipe can fill an empty stomach. Good to eat this rainy season. Try adding some red pepper flakes for extra warmth! Try serving over jasmine rice. Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Tuscan Pork and Bean Soup

recipeRecipe for hot soup made in the a crockpot for cold evening meals. Great if served with a salad and a big hunk of hearty bread of your choice! Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Mediterranean Beef Minestrone Soup

RecipeThis recipe feeds a crowd and then some! Hearty and healthy. Start this slow simmering soup early afternoon to have it ready for dinner, so there’s time to develop the flavors. Or, better yet, cook a day in advance and let the flavors sing next day. Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Italian-Style Baked Chicken Thighs

RecipeDelicious recipe to cook chicken. Serve with any side dish you please; goes well with veggies, a salad or anything you think would match! Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Crock Pot Chicken Stew

RecipeA recipe perfect Sunday evening supper, this basic stew is pure comfort fare! Easy preparation, large chunks of chicken, light and tasty gravy. You can substitute turkey. Read more →