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Friday Recipe Files: Lentil Feta Salad

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RecipeThis is a lovely cold (and healthy!) salad. Make the day before for best results. Serve with soup, rice (hot or cold), or a meat dish of your choice if you like. Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Cranberries with Jezebel Sauce

RecipeIf you don’t care for the tart tang of cranberries — try this recipe. It’s sweet & spicy with just enough tartness without overpowering your taste buds. A great condiment for cheese, meat, fish. Cranberries no longer need to remain a Thanksgiving side dish!  Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Tuscan Pork and Bean Soup

recipeRecipe for hot soup made in the a crockpot for cold evening meals. Great if served with a salad and a big hunk of hearty bread of your choice! Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Nagaimo (Mountain Yam) Chicken Soup

RecipeA recipe with a slightly different flair to it. Nice for a light meal or as a side to fish. Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Italian-Style Baked Chicken Thighs

RecipeDelicious recipe to cook chicken. Serve with any side dish you please; goes well with veggies, a salad or anything you think would match! Read more →