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Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Tips for Dealing With Unsupportive People

Everyone I’ve ever spoken to who has begun a journey of working on a new goal has run into at least one negative person. Someone who denounces their efforts and spits out continual remarks of how stupid the efforts are.

It’s hard to deal with these people, I know. So today I’m going to give you 6 tips I’ve used in my own life when I run into these folks. Read more →


If the World Were Perfect, it Wouldn’t Be: The Destructive Force of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is perhaps one of the most destructive “goals” someone can have. It’s perhaps #1 on many a list of many a client, and it’s their #1 frustration. The #1 source of disappointment, anger, resentment, despair and just about any other mental block-creating emotion and thought pattern someone can have.

But how can this be?

Isn’t perfection exactly what you should seek? Isn’t that the highest state of living we can achieve? Where we’ll find peace, harmony and happiness? Where we’ll be free from all our mistakes and flaws and everything that’s wrong in our lives and our surroundings?

That’s the idea. But that’s also how we destroy much of what we have in our life that’s already pretty terrific. Read more →


What’s Next: Keeping the Momentum of Change and Triumph Going

momentumYou hit a goal! You created massive momentum and you landed squarely on target.

Hurrah and congratulations!  You hit bumps, you hit frustrations, you hit disappointments — but you also hit triumphs, excitement, gleeful exhaustion and a terrific sense of having gotten through it. So what’s your next step?  Your next goal?  your next action step(s) to get to it?

Do you have one?

So often when we get a goal in mind, we see it as an end point.  As in the end point.  We hit it with as much success as we can, breathless with a sense of pride and accomplishment….

….And then we crash.  Because there’s nothing more coming. Read more →


Listen to Your Little Voice of Intuition. Always.

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I’ve mentioned the “Little Voice” before, that it’s your intuition and how it’s never wrong.  But this is easier said than done, and takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. I’m still practicing. Daily. At my last moment on this plane of existence I’ll still be practicing. But because of that practicing–making it a point to do so–I’m a lot better than I was.

Thomas Magnum, in the seminal 80s show Magnum, P.I. frequently talked about his “Little Voice” and how it was, indeed, never wrong, and that when he overrode it, he found himself confronted with what he knew was true all along.  I mention it again here, because it’s one of the most important things to do that will keep you on track — out of practicality, and also because it’s such a cornerstone of both trusting and believing in yourself. Read more →


When Beliefs Change and Shift

beliefsBeliefs are one of the cornerstones of the foundation upon which we build our lives. They help us navigate and make decisions. No belief is inherently wrong; the only time I suggest to someone they revisit it and perhaps change it is if it’s creating dysfunction in their life.

As you work on yourself, as you become more and more mindful of your thoughts and actions, one of the first things that can is you begin to confront the beliefs you hold–about yourself, about the world, about people, about knowledge you hold dear. And sometimes, what can happen, is that you wake up one day and you have no idea what you believe, what to believe or what you can believe. That foundation is gone, and you’re left feeling like Wile E. Coyote, hovering in mid air, waiting to plummet to the canyon floor. Read more →