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In addition to the discount, I’m also offering with the purchase of a package:

  • The discount code is SMACHALIFE20; you’ll enter this when you make your purchase.
  • Your choice of one of my novels for free—and I’ll be happy to autograph it for you! (They are also available in a Kindle format if you prefer.)
  • One free 30-minute session where we can discus, face-to-face via Skype, your goals and begin exploring an action plan to get that momentum going again. (This bonus is currently only available with this offer.)
  • All 5 of my Small Change Life Coaching eBooks (currently all are being revised, so you’ll get brand new versions when I’m finished!), outlined here. (You can also use the “Click to Expand Link” below.) A $49.95 value!

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    This little booklet is designed to help you get going on whatever goals you have for yourself. Many people wait until December 31 or January 1 to start in on what they want to create, but every single second that clicks past you is a chance to get going. Sometimes it simply comes down to not knowing where to begin. spiffy new momentum

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    Meditation is something many of us want to try, but feel they can’t for a number of reasons. This booklet is designed to explain aspects of meditation that can initially create confusion or frustration, as most of us come into the practice with a preset idea of what it should or shouldn’t be like.

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    Negative self-talk is the biggest deterrent (and not external “sources” of blocking you) in reaching goals.  External sources (job, friends, family, financial circumstances) may seem like they’re the cause of us not getting to our goals, but, really, it’s how we — internally — filter those things, how we define them, how we choose to react to them and let them hinder us.

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    In this booklet, I’m going to introduce seven ways for you to consider integrating in to your personal growth arsenal to help you create even more momentum towards the goals and changes you want. Stumbling blocks—at least ones that seem to happen over and over and over again—come from a lack of awareness for how you’re creating them. Whether by (purposeful but unconscious) self-sabotage or simple ignorance to what’s going on, you need to recognize the spin of events that lead up to the outcomes you keep seeing.

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    When someone first starts out in a path of growth, the first struggle is often finding a why or a purpose. This will come, as long as you keep that as what I call an “umbrella focus” — the focus that shades everything you are setting out to do. In this book, I suggest starting with looking at how you’re interacting with your environment — internal, external, environmental. What I mean by this is how you pay attention to yourself (your hopes, beliefs, values self-talk), to others, to your surroundings, whether it’s at work, in a grocery store, at home or wherever you find yourself. This book focuses a little more on external and environmental interaction, but it still applies to how you relate to yourself. 

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