SMALL CHANGE LIFE COACHING — This has been a site I’ve used for many years. Lots of great info for any level of exercise; it’s not only for people interested in becoming bodybuilders. Great information on health, form, nutrition, injuries.

Lift Big, Eat Big — Another great site with a lot of great information. Much like, it’s also helpful for people wanting information about lifting and nutrition.

Tabata Times — A website centering around a CrossFit lifestyle, it’s also full of excellent information about health, nutrition.

Lift Like a Girl — A website by Nia Shanks that’s dedicated towards women (but is also an excellent source for men). Her focus is to inspire people into reaching their full potential in all ways (including strength training) so that the stigma of lifting weights is vanquished. She also touches on healthy eating habits and how to change toxic language used around thinking about ourselves.

Lift Like a Girl You Tube Channel — loads of great videos.

SEAL Grinder PT — A website dedicated to bodyweight exercises, all fully scalable to your current fitness level.

SEAL Grinder PT YouTube Channel — lots of great videos demonstrating ways you can exercise at home.  You can search for specific things like “sit-ups” or “pull-ups”.

LBN Online Strength — Lots of great resources for home workouts, too.  From their FAQ: “Our mantra is to help you get healthy and look better naked!”

And who doesn’t want to feel better about how they look naked?

CrossFit — Website brimming full of workouts you can do in a regular gym, or, with some ingenuity, at home.  All workouts are scalable to your fitness level.

Jillian Michaels — Lots of great resources.  She sends out great tips and recipes in her newsletter, and her whole attitude is awesome.  Her attitude is no-nonsense and around no excuses.  I recommend signing up for her newsletter.

 Yoga For Every Size: A Guide To Plus-Size Yoga  — Great infographic to show you that anyone — no matter what your size! — can do yoga and gain benefit.

The WOD Shop — Great website to help you get in a terrific workout every day. The “WOD” (workout of the day) generator has CrossFitters in mind, but it’s excellent for anyone wanting great workouts involving everything from kettlebells to bodyweight to endurance. Just about any workout style you can think of is in there. Just click on the “WOD” tab, then choose what you want. Mix and match, if you want!