SMALL CHANGE LIFE COACHING — Website dedicated to national substance and alcohol addiction/treatment centers and resources. Portland, OR resources can be found here. — Another website dedicated to national substance and alcohol addiction/treatment. Portland, OR resources can be found here.

Eating Disorders And Addiction: The Dangers of Turning to Controlled Substances for Weight Control—Good resource covering better ways to recover from eating disorders, as otherwise it’s merely moving from one addiction to another, creating a deeper vicious circle that leads away from actual healing.

Helping Your Overweight Child—National Institute for Health website dedicated to assisting parents in determining if their child is actually overweight (and not merely still carrying baby fat) and how to ensure their child becomes and remains healthy. (Also a good resource for how parents can get involved and make it a joint effort.)

Build a Better Body Image—Website dedicated to helping people learn how to ignore the destructive ways the media has of destroying our sense of self-worth if we don’t fit into a stereotyped/narrow-minded body shape.

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation — Nice resource with information about meditation in general, guided meditation, etc.  I present this link merely for informational purposes; tailor the information as you wish to your own beliefs.

Meditation Resources — A generalized website.

Gardening at Home With Kids

Yoga Journal — Online version of the magazine.  You can look up poses and other bits of great information.

Zen Habits — A website with creative articles on how to find stillness, clarity, simplicity, and how to declutter everything going on in life (who couldn’t use more of any of all of that?)

Dave Ramsey — Budget and debt reduction website.

Getting Organized — My Google search simply for that term.  Personal organization was what I used.

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