SMALL CHANGE LIFE COACHING — Website dedicated to national substance and alcohol addiction/treatment centers and resources. Portland, OR resources can be found here. — Another website dedicated to national substance and alcohol addiction/treatment. Portland, OR resources can be found here.

Eating Disorders And Addiction: The Dangers Of Turning To Controlled Substances For Weight Control—Good resource covering better ways to recover from eating disorders, as otherwise it’s merely moving from one addiction to another, creating a deeper vicious circle that leads away from actual healing.

Helping Your Overweight Child—National Institute for Health website dedicated to assisting parents in determining if their child is actually overweight (and not merely still carrying baby fat) and how to ensure their child becomes and remains healthy. (Also a good resource for how parents can get involved and make it a joint effort.)

Build a Better Body Image—Website dedicated to helping people learn how to ignore the destructive ways the media has of destroying our sense of self-worth if we don’t fit into a stereotyped/narrow-minded body shape.

The Sitting Disease — Great webpage that first has a terrific collection of links about how sitting all day long can be devastating health-wise, and then provides ways for you to ensure you’ll remain healthy.

101 Everyday Tips to Lose Weight

Unbeatable Mind Academy and SEALFIT—Both sites are run by a former Navy SEAL, Commander Mark Divine. UMA is geared towards learning how to “think like a warrior”. From the UMA website: Unbeatable Mind is an online training program that teaches you how to utilize the concepts and practices of warrior development to develop sustained mental toughness–which is the key to success in accomplishing any mission and achieving your personal goals.

SEALFIT is geared towards providing challenging workouts (all scaleable) and opportunities for some pretty awesome workshops run by Cmdr. Mark Divine, as well as other SEALFIT coaches (such as Brad McCleod).

Nutrition Secrets — Great website for fact-based information centering around how you can create the best health possible.

Paleo Diet ++ — A website loaded with great health and nutrition information — and tasty recipes, too! Oriented towards people following a Paleo diet, but everything is still applicable to people who aren’t.

Mark’s Daily Apple — A very thorough website dedicated to leading a Primal lifestyle, run by Mark Sisson.  Best change I ever made, tying with moving into more bodyweight/CrossFit routines.

My Daily Plate — FREE and thorough calorie counting/meal-tracking/exercise-tracking site from Livestrong. For a small amount of money, you can purchase a subscription that will allow you to set up very exact nutrition intake amounts. Great if you’re following a Primal/Paleo diet, or you do not eat a high amount of refined carbs (e.g. pasta, grains, rice). Works well for vegetarians and vegans as well.

My Fitness Pal — Another great calorie counting/meal-tracking/exercise-tracking site. Not as adjustable as My Daily Plate, but you can shift the percentages you take in. If you follow a more specific diet (Paleo/Primal, vegetarian/Vegan), you will have to look at the total amount eaten that day, not what’s remaining.  You can also opt not to log your exercise for easier tracking in that method. My Fitness Pal also has a very comprehensive, helpful user database.

Calories Burned — A nifty tool by Health Status.   Great for adding on weight you carried during something like a farmer’s walk or a weighted walk (weight in a backpack).

Dr. Andrew Weil — Good website with balanced information about health, etc.

Robb Wolf — Paleolithic (Paleo for short) Diet expert. — Great resource for articles, information on health, fitness, nutrition.