BorderedOn a cold January evening in 1990, Margot’s idyllic life with Geoff, the lead singer of a successful hard rock band from England, changes irrevocably. In the struggle to recapture what they had and find their footing again, Margot and Geoff find themselves caught in a devastating course of events that leads to her return to the States.

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Growing up, Lana is content with her life in the small town of Grainy, Kansas, where she lives with her father, the second-generation owner and operator of the town’s feed and equipment store—the role she knows will be hers one day.

Then, one spring day, shortly after her fifteenth birthday, she chances across a page of newspaper from Portland, Oregon. Fascinated by the paper’s mysterious 1,500 mile journey to her, Lana becomes enchanted by Portland and its quiet guardian, Mt. Hood.

When the 1960s unfold tragic and devastating events that will forever change Lana and her friends, she believes the only recourse for her survival is to let go of who and what she loves. As she struggles to reconcile her life in the aftermath of painful loss, she sees little hope for a life beyond Grainy.

With the closure of that decade and the opening of a new one, Lana begins to grasp the possibility that home, and the safety it gives, is not necessarily a place within walls or what is familiar. But, to accept this, she must confront her lifelong fear that leaving Grainy means losing herself and everything she knows—and realize that is exactly what must happen so she can find where she truly belongs.

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