Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Ways to Eradicate To-Do List Overwhelm

When it comes to goals, most of the time, it’s obvious what needs your attention first, or at least what you want to attend to first if there isn’t a particular order. But sometimes, when your to do list feels overwhelming—either because there are so many items on it, or because your mental wherewithal has gone the way of the dodo—it’s hard to find a place to start.

Today’s tips are ones I’ve found quite helpful when I’m there myself for breaking the list down into smaller, far more digestible chunks. Read more →

Failure is an Option

Recently, on his Facebook feed, Buzz Aldrin posted a photo of himself as a very young man dressed in a military academy uniform. Many people, including myself, look to him as a terrific example of forging forward towards reaching for, and achieving a dream. Most of the time, you read about metaphorically reaching for the Moon to achieve a dream. Not only did he reach for it, he became the second man to make that adage literally come true.

Failure, you might think, is therefore something that he doesn’t encounter. That success is the only perspective he holds.

Not true.

He would be the first person to tell you that failure is a necessary step in order to achieve success.

How could this possibly be? Read more →

Friday Recipe Files: Tuscan Pork and Bean Soup

recipeRecipe for hot soup made in the a crockpot for cold evening meals. Great if served with a salad and a big hunk of hearty bread of your choice! Read more →

Wednesday Tip Jar: 6 Tips for Sticking to a Resolution (One You Can Start Right Now)

Often, when we hear the word “resolution”, at least in connection to changes or goals, we tend to think we have to wait until January 1 to start it.

But if it’s, say, May 23 and you’re finally wanting to make the change, why waste more than seven months to begin? Any resolution, no matter what it is, can be started right now. As the saying goes: There’s no time like the present.

(Procrastinating only serves to set you up for another (long) chunk of time of unhappiness and frustration.)

So let’s say you have started on a goal, but you’re stumbling. Here are some great ways to stay on track. Read more →

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4: The Four Stages of Learning

Learning anything new, as you’ve read, takes practice—at least when it comes to creating a new habit. I’ve often talked about how doing so requires generating awareness/mindfulness around what it is you want to change or create. But that, too, is also a new skill to create.

That’s where awareness and mindfulness are key. Which means you then need to create awareness and mindfulness around creating awaerness and mindfulness to create awareness and—

Ack! It’s a wonder we can make any changes isn’t it? Learning, it seems, is more like a funhouse mirror ride where we see hundreds of images reflected back and back and back.

So, how, then, do we create change/changes in our lives? Read more →