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Friday Recipe Files: Cranberries with Jezebel Sauce

RecipeIf you don’t care for the tart tang of cranberries — try this recipe. It’s sweet & spicy with just enough tartness without overpowering your taste buds. A great condiment for cheese, meat, fish. Cranberries no longer need to remain a Thanksgiving side dish!  Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Habanero Mustard Sauce


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This recipe is not for the faint of tongue! The Scoville scale is the measurement standard for hot peppers. Habaneros for example score between 100,000-350,000, Cayenne score between 30,000-50,000 and jalapenos score between 2,500 and 8,000.

But if you’re brave, this is an excellent garnish for cheese,  beef, sausages, eggs, sandwiches, chicken — even fish.

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Friday Recipe Files: Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip

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This is a terrific side dish to go with crackers and cheese, bread (gluten-free or not), chips,  as well as a nice topping for chicken or even fish. Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Fig and Pear Chutney

recipe recipe recipe recipe recipeRecipe

This recipe is a treat garnish for meats, cheeses, dips. It would even work nicely mixed into melted brie for serving with crackers! Try adding a little jalapeno for some zing. Try this on nice slices of ham baked and cut off the bone, most pork cuts and roast lamb, or well-seasoned fowl.

This is everything a chutney should be. The flavors of the pears, combined with the texture of the figs and their sweetness, the plump raisins (optional) and blend of vinegars blend nicely with the spices. Read more →


Friday Recipe Files: Turkey and Mushrooms in Lime Sauce

RecipeThis recipe came from my friend Thomas. He writes:
For this, you’ll need:

Turkey strips (~ 1lb)
Chopped Mushrooms (~ 0.5lb – I used oyster mushroom, but any kind will do)
1-2 Onions or better still: a couple of shallots Read more →